Photo of Rev. Paulina Atogwe and
Rev. Ted Atogwe: May, 2019.

Central to the very idea of community, is the value in giving. It projects our interconnectivity as a community, however global or local we may be defined. Whether we give our wisdom, time, emotion, passion, presence, and/or substance, an integral component of our humanity is sparked. Giving must therefore only accompany a personal conviction that the community within which it is offered is deserving of the gift.

At the Messiah Family Christian Church (MFCC), we strongly believe that you have been led to this page, and have read this message till this point, because our mutual community holds a value you deem worthy of review. For this, please accept our profound gratitude and appreciation. Know that we will not take it for granted.

Of great value to us, is a desire that you find rest regardless of your decision. While the need we hope to cover is great, it is foreign to our ways that we pressure you to give regardless of your personal circumstance(s). Though we hope for a gift from you, our greater emphasis is on you, the giver: your welfare, your peace of mind, and above all – your rest. We therefore encourage you to only give if the conviction of giving to our community lies in you. If your decission is to give, beloww are some avenues through which you may give to God's work at the Messiah Family Christian Church (MFCC):









Ⓒ Messiah Family Christian Church (MFCC), New Jersey, USA. July, 2019.