Who We Are
MFCC is a Bible believing Discipleship Christian Church with the following objectives (The 10 'A'):

  1. Assignment:
    Prepare a people that will make heaven.

  2. Ambassabors:
    Develop disciples for God.

  3. Advance The Word:
    Spiritually present, defend, and emphasize the Word of God among men.

  4. Abbandon Religious Deceit and Greed:
    Separate faith in God, and God’s blessings from the size of the wallet of the flock, while working diligently to change the trajectory of Christianity today, which seems to tie blessings of the Most-High to financial donations.

  5. Attachment To Heaven:
    Strengthen the relationship between men and God.

  6. Appropriate:
    Expand the range of opportunities available to Christians in their pursuit of God, Heaven, and happiness on Earth.

  7. Announcement:
    Encourage the smooth flow of the Word of God using various approaches, including modern means.

  8. Actualize:
    Publish music, videos, websites, computing applications, books, booklets, newspapers, journals, magazines, pamphlets, periodicals etc. with aim of encouraging Christians to engage in activities aligned with the Bible, and the MFCC constitution.

  9. Amity:
    Encourage peace among all by facilitating the engagement of Christians in both local and global social processes.

  10. Affiliate:
    Sponsor and/or support activities and/or programs with objectives agreeing with those of MFCC.

Address: Melvin N. Kreps School. 5 Kent Lane East Windsor, NJ 08520. Main Auditorium

Phone: (609) 362-2141

Email: info@mfcc.org